Alien Encounter (to be continued…maybe)

In the last few days many strange things had happend in the little and otherwise calm town,Almada, As a respected investigation journalist that I am, I was immediatly called in, to see what was going on. Of course I knew that somebody had to have some previously made ideas about what we were dealing with, otherwise I wouldnt be bothered. I know by experience that they only need me when serious stuff happend.I am not that cheap,you know..
But lets go back to the real issue, the strange things happening afterwards.
Monday morning, around 09AM, as I was getting my regular cofee in the backcorner of the cofeeshop, I detected an odd-looking hooded (what it seemd to be a) little boy. Why odd,you ask.
Well, first of all, he turned his chair completly to be staring to the plain, pictureless gray wall. He had not moved an inch in the half hour I was there. He didnt seemingly had nothing with him (keys,wallet,cellphone,anything at all) and shamelessly ordered a glass of tap water. Cheap basterd, anyone whould think. I know I did…
As I was thinking about this strange encounter all day, I realised that I didnt remembered any of his features, as skin colour or even his voice ordering the water.Nothing…


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